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ANNOUNCEMENT: Online Class Suspension

Good evening, Parents and Students.

The MAV Administration has decided to cancel online classes tomorrow, September 25 until September 30, 2020 in consideration of the requests made by our students and members of the faculty.

Though the TelCos had mentioned remediation measures to ease connection instability, these do not guarantee those who will be disproportionately affected. Also, this might cause further tech-anxiety. This temporary change in schedule will address any anticipated difficulties in internet connectivity due to the emergency maintenance activities, which may affect PLDT, SMART, and SKY internet subscribers. This will also give everyone a time to recharge and to take a breather.

Please take note of the following:

1. Upon resumption of classes, we would be designating the following dates for synchronous and asynchronous lessons: October 1 (Th) Synchronous October 2 (F) Synchronous October 3 (Sa) Asynchronous 2. Regular schedule for Synchronous (M-W-F) and Asynchronous (T-Th) is expected to resume on October 5, 2020.

3. Deadline of submission of tasks due during September 25 to 30 will be moved to October 1, 2020.

4. Faculty members are advised to be online for consultations, subject to their internet availability.

5. Faculty members will post supplementary, non-graded activities for the students with internet connection to accomplish on September 28 via: G-Sites for Preschool Genyo for Grades 1 to 10 Google Classroom for Grade 12

Learning is not confined in the four walls of the classroom or, in this exceptional case, in the four corners of our monitors. We hope that everyone will use this unexpected break to recharge and refresh, but at the same time remain productive.

Thank you very much.

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